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Flower bouquet

Brookes Forever Flowers

Floral Preservation

Preserve your flowers into a timeless keepsake 

The Process

Each item is carefully handcrafted out of your very own flowers and resin.

1. Decide what mold shape you like​

2. Book and pay the deposit- The deposit goes towards the order and holds your reservation

3. Ship/drop off Flowers- We strongly recommend flowers be dropped off 24 hours after the event for the best results.  Detailed instructions on how to properly mail flowers are under the shipping tab. 

4. Approve Design- After the flowers are dried which can take up to 3 weeks, we will reach out to you for approval of the flower layout. 

5. Pour resin- We pour a thin layer at a time and wait 24 hours between each pour to avoid burning the flowers. This process can be quite lengthy, you can expect an 8 to 12-week turnaround 

6. Ship back to you- Enjoy your preserved flowers for years to come!

Making a Bouquet
pink roses in close up photography_edited.jpg

"She was an absolute pleasure to work with! She provided plenty of updates. The product looked amazing! I would recommend her to anyone!"


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