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Flower Preservation Process

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

First, we have you send us your bridal bouquet after you place your order. To book your spot click on the reservation and pay the 50-dollar deposit to hold your reservation. It will go towards your order. Your reservation date should be 24 hours after your event. Flowers must be overnight shipped 24 hours after the event or if you are local they can be dropped off. We want your flowers to arrive in the best condition so look under the tab on our website on "How to ship" for the best results. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Then we began the process of drying your flowers. We carefully place your flowers in special drying powder for a week or two to keep their original shape. We will show you the final layout of the flowers for your approval. For example, if you like the placement of flowers in the corner of the mold or in the middle with negative space or no negative space.

Then we start pouring the resin, which we must carefully pour thin layer upon layer. We have to wait 24 hours between each layer. This is done to not burn the flowers. This process can go take several weeks to let each layer cure. We take our time to pop the bubbles in the resin to create a beautiful crystal-clear keepsake, but imperfections are still possible.

Then your preserved flower piece will be encapsulated in what looks like glass but is much more durable. After a couple of months, we will mail it back to you to enjoy for years to come.

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