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3 Ways to Preserve Flowers

Flower preservation is a great way to extend the life of a bouquet, and enjoy its beauty for longer. There are a few techniques that can be used to help preserve a bouquet and maintain its beauty for as long as possible. In this blog post, we will discuss three of the most popular methods for preserving flowers in your bouquet. Read on to learn more about flower and bouquet preservation!

1) Hang your bouquet upside down

One simple way to dry your flowers is to hang them upside down in a dark closet for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, this way does create the color to fade in the flowers which are very fragile and tend to crumble easily. To help this from happening, try spraying the dried blooms with hairspray but the results with the method are not my favorite.

2) Use silica gel

This is my favorite way to dry flowers. With silica gel, I am able to preserve the 3D shape and color of the flowers. It is a great way to preserve bridal bouquets or funeral flowers. The drying process takes several weeks of the flowers being carefully submerged in the silica sand in an airtight container. Then they will be ready to preserve in resin. Resin can create a beautiful encapsulated glass look but is much more durable. It is often used for wedding bouquets because it preserves their beauty for years to come. Funeral arrangements also benefit from this preservation method as families are given a token of their beloveds to remember them by. Brides often choose to have their wedding bouquet preserved in resin as an extra special keepsake.

3) Press your flowers

Another option is to have the flowers pressed. With this option, the flowers will no longer be 3D but they will be flat. You could take a book and have your flowers dry in between the pages. One disadvantage of getting your flowers preserved by having them pressed in a frame is that you could accidentally drop the frame and the glass breaks and your art is ruined but with resin, it is much more durable and safer. That’s why many brides opt for preserving their bouquets using resin as a way to keep their wedding memories alive. Brides love being able to display their bouquets as a reminder of their special day. Plus, since the flowers are sealed under the layer of resin, they last longer and stay bright and vibrant. This makes it a great alternative for brides who want to remember their wedding bouquets for many years to come!

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