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Shipping Flowers for  Preservation

Floral Preservation is such a special way to cherish your memories forever

*Please note that the shipping cost is the customer's financial responsibility. There is no guarantee that your flowers will be in good condition due to shipping risks.

If you are local you may arrange to drop off flowers to save on shipping.

How to package fresh flowers for mailing them:

Try to keep the flowers in water as long as possible until shipping. Do not put the flowers in direct sunlight. Place in a cool dark place. Please overnight ship them to ensure the best results. I need the flowers 24 hours after the event for them to look the best. 48 hours is the maximum.

Supplies needed:

Medium size box

Small box

Wet Paper Towels

Packing paper, etc

Aluminum foil



1. You need a box a little bigger than the bouquet (a couple of inches taller than the whole bouquet)

2. Get a smaller box and cut a hole to put the flower stems in as the base. Don't make the hole too big. Then tape the box down securely to the bigger box. (this acts like a vase for the flowers so they will stay secure) make sure it's taped really well so it's secure and does not fall out.

3. Wet a couple of paper towels (as wet as possible) wrap them around the stems and then alumni foil on top of the paper towel,  make sure the foil is tight around the flower stems. Keep flowers upright in the box and put, wrapping paper  bunched up  around the flowers but be careful not to crush flowers

Order info: write your name, what you sent, and what mold you wanted, on a slip of paper inside the box 

Write fragile on the box!

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