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What is the timeframe to get the flowers to you?

The sooner the better!

For best results, we recommend dropping the flowers off twenty- hours after your event. To help keep flowers fresh cut the stems off about half an inch at an angle and put them in fresh water with a tsp. of vinegar. Keep them in water and out of direct sunlight until you can overnight ship them. Forty-eight hours is the maximum that I can take the flowers otherwise they will not preserve well. Due to the nature of flowers, they can have bruises from being handled all day at the wedding and packaging and shipping, etc. even if you don't notice it, through the drying process and the resin, it can become more apparent.  

Do you accept air dried flowers?

Yes, but the flowers will not be as vibrant as the other flowers sent to me to be professionally dried but still a great way to preserve your memory!

What is your turnaround time?

It can take up to 10 to 20 weeks to finish a piece. The flower drying process takes 3 weeks to dry. Then the  resin must be poured in layers so that it doesn't burn the flowers. Flowers are subject to change colors due to the drying process, particularly red roses, and white flowers. 

Do you do artificial flowers?


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